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January 6, 2013
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The 5th Floor: Chapter 3 (Switch to Alice's view)

When we both reached the bottom I still felt his cold hands locked between mine. (He risk his life for me just now. That wasn't even needed! He thought he could save me? I was going to meet my fate no matter what, now he would be dragged into all of this.) I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him, he had bruises and his arm was still bleeding from earlier. I supported myself a bit on one arm and shoved him with my hand.

"Haru..Wake up.."

He turned over on his bad side and caused my wrist to twist.

"Ah-thathatahata!...G-Get up- H....aru..."

He turned over flat and slowly opened his eyes to look up at me. Then he broke the lock between our hands.

"We're alive..."

"It looks that way..."

"...Did you get hurt?"

He was being overly nice to me and I couldn't stand it. He didn't have to do this, he didn't even have to be here!

"I'm fine...You need to cover your wound."

"My arm can't be helped. I already lost to much blood already."

"No you didn't! It's all in your head. Now get up, here I'll help you."

I helped him to his feet and we both scanned the area. Then he looked down at me and smiled.

"You look pretty tired."

"I am, I can't even open up my eyes..."

My eyes were only half way open and my sight was blurred. I needed something to drink. But before anything I should tell Haru what was going on, and why I was dragged here. Before he gets suspicious.

"Haru I-..."

My eyes opened wide and I saw a completely new face. His hair was white and he had grey eyes. He didn't know it either! I couldn't let him look in a mirror or he would hate me. I knew there was a side effect for the (Borrowing soul) But I didn't think it had anything to do with appearance. If I just kept quiet and didn't say anything, everything would be just fine.

"What is it Alice? Something wrong?"

"No! Why would you say that? Everything is fine..."

He caused me to look down, feeling shame for what I did. (What am I thinking? I really needed to rethink all of this. (Please don't be mad.) I knew there was a mirror in the music box, so I took it out and handed it to him. His face didn't have any emotion and he put his hand to his side, while looking down at me, blankly.

(I had to say something! I could make him feel good about himself still...Right?)

"..It's okay! It doesn't look bad! Really! You still look cute..."

"Doesn't look bad? Doesn't look bad?!"

He got up in my face with a crossed expression.

"I look like a grandpa! My hair is white!"

"It suits you..."

"What happened?!"

"Okay! I'm sorry! I can explain!..."

"Then get explaining..."

He sat back down on the ground and crossed his arms.

"Back at the Hotel, when I tried to get back at that man for stabbing you, I used this ability called "Borrowing Soul" It is a straight that was given to me. To recover, I used it on you and it gave me strength to stand back up. The after effect was to remain unknown until use. I assume the after effect is, aging."

"I don't have wrinkles, I don't feel old. I just look so dual."

"Maybe that is what it is then! It made you loose the color to your body."

"No! I wan't my colors back! That's-"

"Listen! I can't do anything about it! As far as I know, there is no cure! So yelling at me wont help you!"


He still didn't look a bit pleased, but he was taking it better than I hoped. All of the sudden, the zone started to move. Almost like a earth quake. I fell down and hit my head on the ground.


"Alice, Are you okay?"

"I'm fine....We should probably stay down, before something happens."

The area went completely murky for awhile, then some light flashed on a door. The door had no color to it and it was pure white. Haru stared at it bluntly then moved towards the lit up door.

"Let's move, Alice."


I slowly walked behind him, a little scared and he opened the door very slowly. Then walked into it. The next room was dark as well, and who knows what kind of ground we were standing on, it felt smooth. Haru turned around and felt along the walls by the door way. Then turned on the switch, making the room light up.  

"We can see!"

The room was completely empty with no doors or windows to escape from, I must say Ginhuo did a pretty good job down here. Haru walked around and then I heard a switch turn on. That couldn't be good. The door where we come from quickly shut, and little area's on the side walls slid open. Reviling security camera's. Then a mysterious voice spoke up.

Unknown:"Alice, you are back and you brought a friend."

Haru stood back and looked a little bugged, he knew this wasn't going to end well. He grabbed hold of my hand.

"Yes! He wasn't supposed to come. But he did anyways. I don't want you hurting him!"

Unknown:"Why would I do such a thing? He didn't do anything to be punished."

"I know, let's keep it that way..."

Haru still stood back at said nothing.
"Why have you brought us here?"

Unknown:"I wanted to play a game....Heh.."

"I don't feel like playing your games tonight. How about we just get to the point so I can get Haru safely back to his parents."

Unknown:"How about.....No."

I saw other doors slide oped and chains came flying out and caught on to Haru. He panicked and yelled.


Unknown: "I must say, he will make nice sacrifice. Good work my pet."

"You said you wouldn't hurt him!"

Unknown:"Did I? You must have been hearing things."

"Let him go!"

Unknown:"Now surely you don't want to be chained up too."

"...." I had no choice but to stand there and watch Haru. The ground under him opened and he was pulled down into it.


Then it closed up and he was gone.


Unknown:"That's a good girl, you used your magic carelessly instead of using it for what you should have, so your friend shouldn't be punished for that. Now should he?"


Unknown:"Come on, don't be so glum. I'll fix everything."


Everything went silent and the room vanished, now it was just a blank empty space. It was soon rebuilt into a work room, with a fire place. Someone was sitting by the fire place, when I saw the side of it's face it was Haru. So he wasn't hurt after all, he was just fine.


He slowly turned around to face me and he had his old hair color and eye color back.

"Your pal fixed me up quite nicely, I must say."

I ran up and hugged him. He rapped his arms around me to keep be warm inside of the blanked that was over him.
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0Jichan Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ah..i miss the days where i used to rp with my friends like this -.-
Mesha-san Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, I do too, I feel your pain, really I do, but I can RP with you anytime! >w< I love playing around with your OC's and such!
0Jichan Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah TTuTT lol my OCs are cranky and boring... they forgot how to do fun things OTL
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Give them a redbull XDD
0Jichan Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh...ohhhh now that would be a funny, but at the same time a very bad idea..
Mesha-san Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I've tried it. =w= Not fun.

Rio: It was just a over reaction! QAQ

Oh rlly? e - e

Rio: Yeah...It's not like I meant to start chewing on peoples faces.. <///< Baka..
0Jichan Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Rio is a zombie...someone contain him please
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